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16 lesson hours

Cena: 1100,00 zł/os

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Autodesk Advance Steel

level I

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For whom?

Training dedicated to steel structure designers starting work with Autodesk Advance Steel


Educational goals:

The aim of the training is to improve skills and automate the processes of creating steel structure documentation in Autodesk Advance Steel, including the customization and edition of tool templates enabling work automation. The ability to quickly prepare project documentation and adapt it to the requirements of the ordering party allows us to obtain new orders and meet the increasing requirements of projects.



  • can create a parametric 3D model

  • can insert and modify construction elements

  • can create and modify steel connections

  • validates the model

  • can automate the process of numbering steel elements

  • can automate the generation of technical documentation (drawing sheets and lists)


Requirements: knowledge of the basic commands of Autodesk Autocad


Post-training support:

14 days of post-training e-mail support.

Training schedule:


Introduction to working in the program:

  • Overview of the application's capabilities

  • Interface

  • Tool palette, etc.


Getting started:

  • Template file

  • Design options settings,

  • Advance Steel specific commands,

  • Coordinate systems

  • AutoCAD objects and Advance Steel objects

  • Visualization styles


3D modeling:

  • Setting the building grid,

  • Inserting sections (beams, sheet columns),

  • Methods of sheet metal modeling,

  • Editing items,

  • Tools for introducing treatments,

  • Modification of flashings, bent sheets,

  • Ways of presenting model elements


Parametric connections

  • Parametric link libraries

  • Inserting and editing connections

  • Connection properties

  • Tools for copying and grouping connections

  • Saving connections in the library


Nonparametric connections

  • Creation and modification of bolted connections

  • Assortment of fasteners

  • Creation of a welded joint

  • Creating a user connection database


Model management:

  • Selection and marking of elements

  • Using selection filters

  • Properties of 3D objects

  • Quick views

  • Model browser

  • Project Explorer,

  • File structure

  • Management Tools - Customize the default program settings


Model validation:

  • Searching for collisions in the model

  • Checking the technical conditions of the steel structure

  • Checking the center of gravity and total weight of the structure

  • Checking the load capacity of connections


Modeling of complex elements:

  • Constructing stairs and railings

  • Inserting concrete and wooden elements

  • Special Elements



  • Item numbering of items and shipping items

  • Identifying and Changing Shipping Items

  • Editing the numbering of elements

  • Numbering checking tools


Creating Drawings

  • Prototypes and drawing styles

  • Generating drawings (executive and workshop drawings)

  • Ways of presenting elements in drawings


Drawings modification:

  • Document manager,

  • Updating of drawings and revisions,

  • Editing details in drawings (properties, labels and dimensions)



  • Lists in drawings,

  • External statements,

  • BOM editor

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