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16 lesson hours

Cena: 700,00 zł/os

(569,00 zł + 23% VAT)


Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional

 level 2

For whom?

Training dedicated to structural designers who want to increase their competences in the use of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis for static and strength calculations..


Educational goals:

The aim of the training is to improve the skills and accelerate work related to construction calculations and the selection and optimization of appropriate steel sections and reinforcement of concrete elements in the software Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis . The ability to quickly prepare and optimally adjust design solutions and adapt them to the expectations of the customer allows us to win new orders and meet the increasing requirements of projects.



  • can create and modify a finite element mesh

  • is able to display and interpret the results of calculations

  • is able to dimension reinforced concrete elements

  • knows how to take into account and correct disturbances of internal forces 

  • is able to perform nonlinear calculations


Requirements​​​​​​​: basic knowledge of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis


Post-training support:

14 days of post-training e-mail support.

Training schedule:


3D modeling - multi-storey building

  • geometric imperfections

  • Modeling of the subsoil - coefficient of subsoil elasticity

  • modeling of reinforced concrete elements (columns, beams, slabs, walls)

  • defining loads and creating load combinations

  • creating and modifying a finite element mesh

  • emitters

  • display and interpretation of results for slabs and walls (maps, sections)


Analysis parameter settings

  • nonlinearity in Robot (types of nonlinearities, how to set, when to use)

  • Computational solvers - efficient use of program resources


Design of concrete reinforcement

  • calculation parameters for reinforced concrete structures

  • elastic and real deflections

  • automatic and manual methods of dealing with disturbances in the results of internal forces for specific places characteristic for the FE method (point support, concave polygons)

  • dimensioning of reinforced concrete elements

  • shaping the reinforcement of reinforced concrete elements

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