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how to get mbon plus


How it's working?


Step 1: Call / Write to us e-mail

Let us know that you are interested in co-financed trainings. You can find training on our website or already on page BUR.



Step 2: Report to the operator

Report to the operator operating in the province, competent for the place of registration of the company.


Step 3: Sign the contract

After considering the application, signing the contract and collecting the own contribution, the operator assigns the entrepreneur a unique "Support ID" number. 


Step 4: Enjoy training!

After receiving the support ID, the entrepreneur reports for the service via the Baza Usług Rozwojowych portal.


Please feel free to contact us. We will gladly advise you on how to go through all the procedures, as well as provide information on all training and consultancy. We organize trainings both in an open and closed form, tailored to the needs of your company. For this purpose, before contacting the Operator, please contact the guardian in order to arrange details and an individual date.


The procedures for granting funds differ for each voivodship. Under the link serwis-uslugirozwojowe.parp.gov.pl/dofinansowanie there is a list of operators in each voivodeship in which the grant was launched.


Training vouchers - MBON plus

Development Services Base 

- Acquiring funds from the EU


Public platform, with development services (courses, trainings, consulting). The database contains a wide range of offers, for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. They can obtain co-financed in 50% or 80% of the service price.


Thanks to the support of the entrepreneur, their employees and individuals can develop their competences and implement intended educational and business goals.

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