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Modeling BIM libraries


The process of digitization and computerization is progressing and affects almost every area of ​​reality that surrounds us. The situation is similar in the construction industry, and this is where BIM comes in. BIM objects are intelligent 3D models. They contain 3D geometric information (such as shape, dimensions) and non-geometric information (e.g. parameters, material finish, description, link to the manufacturer's website, classification code, etc.).


BIM libraries provide many benefits for each link in the investment and construction process, from the manufacturer to the designer. So what are the benefits of having BIM libraries?


Sharing digital models by manufacturers of building components is becoming a standard on the market.

  • It allows you to reach potential customers / users in an easy and accessible way.
  • Designers willingly use ready-made library components in their projects. And the diligence and professionalism of workmanship will allow you to strengthen your position on the market and will make users happy to reach for them in the next project.
  • Another benefit of having libraries is the real increase in the probability of selecting objects used in the project and purchasing products to be used on the construction site. That is simply the profit on sales for the producer.
  • Information stored in a BIM object can be treated as an advertisement for the object. By editing it, the user will receive information about the price, model, and even a link to the product page.
  • Moreover, the use of new technologies by the manufacturer is a proof of meeting the needs of designers, it confirms the knowledge of the market and current trends.


BIM is becoming a standard used all over the world. It is enough to look at the expanding offer on the web and the emerging real competition on the market.



So it's worth following the change and not lagging behind the competition,


Our team of specialists has extensive experience in the field of:

  • creating families, BIM objects in Revit and Archicada
  • modeling objects based on a point cloud


We offer a service of creating parametric BIM, MFG and OBJ libraries (Families). Component families reflect construction products used in the investment process by designers from the construction and mechanical industries. By using our services, you can be sure that the models of your products will be developed in accordance with the best patterns and current trends in the industry.


Warto więc podążyć za zmianą i nie zostać z tyłu za konkurencją, 


Zespół naszych specjalistów posiada szerokie doświadczenie w zakresie:

  • tworzenia rodzin, obiektów BIM w Revicie oraz Archicadzie 

  • modelowanie obiektów na podstawie chmury punktów


Libraries with full functionality and specificity:

  • Autodesk's object formats (dwg, rfa, 3ds, max, obj, ipt, iam)



  • intelligent ways of displaying objects (depending on the scale and type of view)



  • parametric models that take into account textures (ready to render)



  • nested info data and 2D / 3D components - type catalogs - library overview projects



  • full compatibility with the latest BIM solutions



Libraries are created in cooperation with our partner: BIMdrone from Gliwice. Click on the logo to go to their website:



We are a group of engineers of various specialties, passionate about new technologies and sharing experience. We form a well-coordinated team that successfully supports the implementation of modern solutions: BIM methodology and Agile Management Methods in companies related to construction.


For over 10 years, we have been promoting the idea of BIM and digital prototyping in Poland and abroad. We try to respond agile to changes and draw good practices and inspiration from those who have successfully implemented new ideas and solutions.


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." Henry Ford


"Agile management is about working smarter, not harder." Jeff Sutherland


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