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16 education hours


Cena: 950,00 zł/os

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Autodesk Revit


level 2

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For whom?
Training dedicated to installation designers, students and research and teaching staff who know the basics of Autodesk Revit


Learning objectives:
Students will learn how to use the basic tools of Autodesk Revit, especially:

  • creating technical documentation
  • generating a report, creating statements based on the report and putting the results on the drawing
  • creating printout sheets
  • editing Autodesk Revit families
  • creation of basic sanitary installation systems


Knowledge of the basics of Autodesk Revit, including the use of parametric 3D modeling tools, inserting and modifying installation elements, basics of creating technical documentation.


Post-training support:

14 days of post-training e-mail support.

Training schedule:


Inserting and modifying elements

  • labeling of plant components
  • creating legends of channels, pipes, computing areas (spaces)
  • creating lists of system components containing factory parameters available for a given type of components

Creation of installation diagrams using Revit MEP software

  • Insertion of the necessary sanitary facilities to create the installation


Defining the necessary information about the building, and generating a report
heat and cooling load for this building (results obtained on
based on the entered information about the rooms)

  • introducing calculation areas - space, defining calculation parameters for them, such as: internal profits from lighting people, etc.
  • introducing zones (zones) - grouping areas with the same calculation parameters - defining calculation temperatures, the amount of ventilation air, etc. (the tool can be used e.g. within the area served by the control panel)
  • defining other parameters needed for calculations (heat transfer coefficients for walls, windows, etc.)
  • generating a report, creating statements based on the report and putting the results on the drawing

Create and modify Autodesk Revit families

  • Working with families: creating and modifying sample families for sanitary installations

Presentation of the project and obtaining information from the model

  • Creating annotations and lists: adding dimensions, working with text and labels, creating a legend, working on lists
  • Preparation of construction documentation: adding sections, creating printout sheets, exporting content to CAD formats

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