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8 h

Allplan Architecture

level 1

Learning objectives:

The course is intended for people who are starting their adventure with the Allplan Architecture program. The basic course is one day (8 hours).



Our course will help you in:

  • adapting the working environment to your own needs,
  • proper start of work with the program, which will allow you to avoid later problems and save your time,
  • creating architectural elements and drawing up own libraries of objects,
  • preparing documentation, views, projections and preparing them for printing,
  • creating photorealistic visualizations,
  • exchange your projects with other programs that use BIM.

Basic computer skills


Post-training support:

14 days of post-training e-mail support.

Training schedule:


Allplan - introduction

  • creating and opening a project,
  • overview of the program interface, manipulation of the view,
  • switching layers on and off, setting the current layer,
  • using and assigning new keyboard shortcuts,
  • display, visibility and cursor shape settings.

2D drawing

  • local, polar coordinates, global use of direct coordinate input, distances simple 2D drawing,
  • creating lines, rectangles, circles, drawing unit arcs, adjusting the grid, options for snapping to objects, tracing lines,
  • direct modification of objects, manipulation of objects (commands: move, copy, mirror),
  • editing objects using the functions, for example: extend, round off, chamfer, divide an element, trim,
  • control the color and type of lines, use of selection filters,
  • measuring length, angle, area, coordinates, creating text, dimension lines,
  • creating hatches, filled areas, using a calculator.

Basics of 3D drawing

  • conversion of 2D objects into 3D objects,
  • drawing linear objects in three dimensions,
  • creating basic 3D solids (cuboid, cylinder, sphere),
  • modification of simple 3D solids (direct, Boolean operations).

ALLPLAN Architecture

  • drawing structure and building structure, base import in * .dwg, * .dwt, * .dx axis drawing,
  • creating and editing architectural elements (walls, columns, ceilings, foundations, window and door openings, roofs),
  • introduction and description of rooms, finishing layers,
  • preparation of views, sections, description, dimensioning, bill of materials, surfaces,
  • using the library (creating and saving your own elements, using objects such as SmartParts - interior fittings),
  • sheet development, preparation for printing,
  • export of the model to GoogleEarth,
  • introduction to visualization

There is also, by prior arrangement, the possibility of personalizing the course to the specific requirements of the participants.


Cena: 950,00 zł/os

(772,00 zł + 23% VAT)

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