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16 lesson hours

Cena: 1100,00 zł/os

(894,00 zł + 23% VAT)


Autodesk Advance Steel

level II

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For whom?

Training dedicated to steel structure designers who need to adjust the settings of automatic Autodesk Advance Steel processes to their own requirements.


Educational goals:

The aim of the training is to improve skills and automate the processes of creating steel structure documentation in Autodesk Advance Steel, including the customization and edition of tool templates enabling work automation. The ability to quickly prepare project documentation and adapt it to the requirements of the ordering party allows us to obtain new orders and meet the increasing requirements of projects.


  • can use non-standard numbering settings

  • can edit the database of the program

  • can edit and create own drawing prototypes

  • can create and edit own drawing styles

  • can create and edit BOM templates


Requirements: basic ability to create a 3D model and generate design documentation in Autodesk Advance Stee


Post-training support: 14 days of post-training e-mail support


Training schedule:


Advanced 3D modeling:

  • Grills

  • Compound beams

  • Plate girders

  • Bent elements

  • Create user cross-sections


Custom parametric connections


Numbering - advanced settings:

  • Setting and changing of prefixes

  • Object functions

  • Numbering options

  • Create a dummy shipping item

  • Numbering control

  • Change management in numbering


Tools supporting model management:

  • Project Explorer

  • Model browser

  • Configuring the default settings of the program

  • Customize Advance Steel tool palettes


Advance Steel databases:

  • Database structure

  • Database editing

  • Adding sections, materials, etc.

  • Converting databases


Drawing prototypes:

  • Structure of drawing sheet templates,

  • Creating and editing a drawing sheet template (frame, table, descriptions)

  • Setting and editing of attributes

  • Arrangement of details on the sheet


Drawing styles manager:

  • Drawing style content

  • Presentation of objects in drawings

  • Setting labels, dimensions, etc.

  • Modification of standard settings

  • Create your own Styles


Drawing Process Manager:

  • Modification of standard settings

  • Generating drawing documentation

  • Automatic generation of drawing sheets from the model


Material lists:

  • Editing external statement templates

  • Modification of BOMs in drawings


NC files:

  • Generating CNC files (for machines),

  • Edit settings

  • Connection tags


Exchange of data

  • Cooperation with Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional


Visual programming:

  • The basics of using Dynamo to speed up the creation and editing of 3D models

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