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16 lesson hours 

Autodesk Revit


level 1

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For whom?

Training dedicated to BIM modelers and structural designers who start working with Autodesk Revit.


Educational goals:

The training prepares for the independent preparation of a BIM model and construction design documentation in accordance with the adopted standards and the BIM methodology.



  • can adapt the program to their own needs

  • is able to prepare a Revit project template

  • can use modeling tools

  • inserts and modifies basic construction elements

  • can use descriptive tools

  • can modify graphic settings of elements (hatching, colors, etc.)

  • creates simple lists of items

  • creates technical documentation (drawing sheets)


Requirements: basic computer skills


Post-training support​​​​​​​:

14 days of post-training e-mail support.

Training schedule:


Introduction to the program, setting work parameters, templates and views

  • Introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology

  • Autodesk Revit Basics: User Interface; setting and adjusting program parameters, shortcuts, basic operations on structural elements and families

  • Creation and modification of project templates

  • Structure model - views: working with views; control of the visibility of model objects; work on facade views and sections; work on a 3D view


Modeling of structural elements in Revit (on the example of a residential building)

  • Create a new project: new project; adding and modifying levels; construction and editing of a construction grid

  • Inserting columns and construction walls: construction column - creating and editing; use of the structural wall tool, modification of wall layers

  • Working on beams and beam systems (steel and concrete beams)

  • Creation of ceilings and roofs: adding ceilings; creating roofs and structural frames

  • Foundations: foundation tools

  • Creating stairs


Presentation of the project

  • Settings and modification of the visibility and graphics of views 

  • Inserting dimensions, labels, descriptions

  • Modification of descriptive families

  • creating summaries 

  • Create sample drawing sheets

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