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16 lesson hours

Autodesk Revit


level 2

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For whom?

Training dedicated to BIM modelers and structural designers who want to improve his skils working with Autodesk Revit


Educational goals:

The training prepares students for independent preparation of library components (families), modeling reinforcement of concrete elements and steel connections, and preparation of construction design documentation tailored to the needs of the project.


  • can use advanced modeling tools (axes and curvilinear elements, 

  • checks the correctness of modeled elements

  • create and edit library elements (families) of the Revit program (column, hollow-core slab, composite slab, truss) 

  • creates and modifies reinforcement of concrete elements

  • creates and modifies steel connections

  • creates and uses its own parameters

  • creates and modifies statements using its own parameters and calculation formulas

  • creates technical documentation printout sheets 



Knowledge of the basics of Autodesk Revit, including the use of parametric 3D modeling tools, insertion and modification of structural elements, the basics of creating technical documentation and project visualization.


Post-training support

14 days of post-training e-mail support.

Training schedule:


Inserting and modifying non-standard elements

  • Inserting and modifying axes and curvilinear elements.


Create and modify Autodesk Revit families

  • Working with families: creating and modifying sample families of structural elements

  • Simple family parameterization.


Creation and modification of reinforcement of concrete elements

  • Working with reinforcement: reinforcement cover; reinforcement shapes; surface reinforcement; reinforcement with a path

  • Using wizards for quick reinforcement of concrete elements.


Creation and modification of steel connections

  • Create connections using ready-made macros

  • Create and modify user connections


Presentation of the project and obtaining information from the model

  • Create annotations: add dimensions, work with text and label, create a legend, etc.

  • Creating statements, using your own parameters and calculation formulas

  • Preparation of construction documentation: adding sections and details, creating print sheets, exporting content to CAD formats

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